The Late Night Train

As the clock tick-tocks its way towards midnight, life in this city almost came to a standstill. Most people would be locked up inside their houses, keeping safe and warm, especially in these days when one never knew where danger could bring out its ugly head. But she was not most people.

She, like so many others, had come to the city with so many dreams, so much anticipation of good fortunes; of finally being able to break free from societies norms and be herself. Yet, reality was always harsher. Life in the city was a routine and she had sought adventure.

That’s why she sat now looking at the fast moving world outside the train window. Her work forced her to travel late and by now she was used to it. Tonight, her companions were a woman and two men. One man was completely engrossed in conversation with the other woman. He must be a trusted co-worker, for they gossiped openly about someone from their office. The other seemed to have drowned himself inside Dan Brown’s Inferno, although his eyes wandered towards her every few minutes.


The wind seemed to be whispering something into her ears, as it blew away the loose tendrils of hair from her face. His hands longed to touch them, to feel their silky texture, to wrap it around his finger. Still, there was still time for that later. His lips twitched at that thought. There was still one more station before the last, after all.

Her eyes shifted from outside the window to meet his. Her hands tightened around her bag as she saw him smile and her gaze shifted back to the window. Only, now her mouth was adorned with a slight frown. Good. Now all that was left was to wait.


That man had been smiling at her. Is he is a rapists or a molester? The newspapers and media were filled with gruesome stories of rape and manhandling recently.

Well, she had been fighting for herself for years now, she thought. She shall be damned before she gave in to his lust.

The loud couple moved to get down at the next station. Neither gave her a second glance as they left her alone with him. The other man’s fingers tapped on his book, his face betraying his excitement. Since there was no one but him and her in the compartment, his smile widened into an open grin as he moved closer.

Which to use, the pocket knife or the pepper spray?

His leering face came closer and closer. He licked his lips as if in anticipation of a treat; rejoicing her obvious disgust at his actions. She forced herself to stay put and wait for the right moment. Even as he started inching towards her, her hands had swiftly pulled out her weapons and hid them behind her bag and out of view.

As he leaned in toward her, her right hand came to level with his face and she pressed hard on the nozzle of the bottle. Even before the first syllable of his scream was uttered and his hands could go up to cover his eyes, her other hand seemed to go with in and out of his stomach with a surgeon’s precision. He fell limp on the floor, his arms and legs spread out awkwardly.

The knife she held smeared with warm blood. She cleaned it on his shirt. With a pace and skill of a professional, she checked for a pulse. When she found a faint beating, rummaged his pockets and dumped her findings into her handbag, just as the train reached its final destination.

The man had had an expensive phone and a wallet filled with wads of notes. ‘Not a bad haul for one night ‘she thought as she strutted out on the platform.

A discarded newspaper laid on the platform, carrying a headline “THE MIDNIGHT HUNTER STRIKES AGAIN LEAVING THE POLICE CLUELESS”.

Little did they know, they were looking for a Huntress.


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