The Sword of the Templars Book Review


Paul Christopher’s a quick paced, mythological thriller, The Sword of the Templars is an first book in the series by him on the Templar myth. The story begins with the death of, John Holliday’s, uncle Henry Granger and him inheriting a sword, along with his niece, Peggy Blackstock. The sword is found to be one of the most coveted artifact of Templar history and contains a ancient coded message that could possibly lead to long lost Templar treasures.

Soon it comes to their attention that the sword’s existence isn’t a secret as they thought it would be. In fact not only does someone desperately want the sword, they are willing to kill for it. Peggy and Holliday have to now try and uncover the truths about the sword and their uncle’s past.

For most parts, the book lived up to my expectation, blending myths and legends into the modern world. The description was beautiful and rich with good vocabulary. The plot itself was fast and highly engaging, but similar to other books in this genre.

Albeit being a good read, somethings in the story baffled me like; in a history class taught by Holliday, many student characters were introduced, only to never mention them again. One can just presume the entire scene was just to iterate Holliday’s opinion on Templar and how they change by the end of the book.

Another thing that irritated me, was the fact that both of them had no inhibitions in talking about the sword or its history to others. Surely when you know that someone is after the sword and you don’t know who they are or how they even found out about it in the first place, you would be a bit more reserved and treat people with a bit of suspicion?

On the whole, I think the book is good, just not great. I’d suggest it to everyone looking for nothing more than a light read and rate it a 3 out of 5 stars.


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