An open letter to Tamil Cinema.

Dear movie-makers of Kollywood,

This might come as a shock, but your audiences aren’t as dumb as you seem to think. You try to fool us with scene and plots almost completely ripped from Hollywood. Do not forget, most of us have watched those films before. Anyways, why copy Hollywood when there is no dearth of great stories amidst us.

Also, at least make an effort in not being sexist. Again this may be shocking and controversial, but women also are sexual beings and that isn’t a crime. We too can be attracted to a male (or female in some cases). Falling in love isn’t a guy’s prerogative and neither is expressing it. Stop portraying that only timid women are worthy of love and women who openly accept their attraction to a male deserve to be scorned. The right to love and be loved is universal isn’t it?

Make an effort in not being racist too. Dusky completion is also beautiful. Do you realize how many women suffer from insecurity because of this ‘fair and lovely’ attitude? Dark is also lovely and it’s high time we accept that considering most women in India are dark skinned. But if you are going to continue with skinny white girls, I’d also want to see the same treatment dished out to men too. There can only fair complexioned fella’s as the lead henceforth.

Next comes a few things about women. I think you should know that women are more likely to report the guys who follow them around everywhere, than fall in love with them. Stalkers are not attractive. Neither is blackmailing women with suicide threats. Men who do that need serious medical treatments. Women certainly do not exchange phone numbers at the first meeting. (Priya Anand, I’m looking at you). Even if some of us do believe in love at first sight, we’d do our background check on the guy before accepting a proposal. Also, sometimes it’s the guy’s fault for a breakup, not always, but sometimes. It is also not the girls fault for having a boyfriend when the hero decides to fall in love with the heroine. Stop whining! (Can’t you seriously find some single women? It’s a huge world after all) Most importantly, it’s not okay to hit a woman just because she doesn’t confer to the hero’s wishes no matter how angry he gets. Nor is it okay for the women to remain silent after being hit. We have enough cases of domestic violence without movies making such propaganda implying such behaviors are acceptable, in anger or otherwise.

Finally, true love can happen more than once. Yes that’s right! You can fall completely head over heels over a person more than once in your lifetime. Incredible isn’t it! (Thank you Director Atlee, for finally showing that in ‘Raja Rani’)

That’s the end of my rant for now.

Yours sincerely,
A proud yet slightly disgruntled Tamilian.


2 thoughts on “An open letter to Tamil Cinema.

  1. Another amazing piece from one of my fav writers-you! 😀
    Again this one doesnt disappoint.It is so out there and in your face.The sarcasm is commendable and absolutely no sugar coating makes it fun to read! 😀
    I really hope someone from Tamil mainstream cinema stumbles upon this and finally decides to change the face of it because it is literally high time.


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