The Ballerina

Taken from Google Images

Taken from Google Images

In the dark, his voice called out to her compelling her to follow the sound. She tiptoed into the room. The darkness behind her eyes had not lifted, but a light had been lit in her mind.

His music beckoned her to let go of her inhibitions. It forced her feet to move; at first in shy circular motion and later in bold leaps. She danced on the ground and in air. She jumped and pranced, twisted and twirled her way around the room. The way her hand, hips and feet moved would have hypnotized anyone looking. Her dance was making love to his music. Within seconds they were the only occupants in her world.

The few lingering butterflies in her stomach flew away as she did the butterfly move. The music too slowly faded into silence and finally transformed into the thundering applause that echoed across the hall.


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