The sounds of the creaking bed and their moans changed to racing heartbeats and heavy panting. He had now moved to the right side of the bed. Even as she stared hard at the ceiling, struggling to bring her pulse back to normal, she felt his gaze and the slight upward turn of his lips.

When she felt a bit more under control, she turned towards him. He was still staring, but as she turned his smile grew wider. A full curve now; and once again her fingers ached to trace it.

‘Maybe even sneak a quick taste. The night’s still young after all.’ She thought, looking at the inky black sky through the window behind him.

“Do you love me?” he asked.

She stiffened, wondering if he knew the truth, but he just looked earnest. So she too smiled and replied.

“Nah, I just think you’re beautiful.”


One thought on “Beautiful

  1. Wow!! Another interesting piece of literature from the “realist” story teller!!!

    In one word, this short story was “beautiful”… *pun intended*

    as someone who has been living in la la land since I have been in 9th grade, I have to say that the ending left me wondering and wishing that the girl did say those three magic words back at him.. but oh well, you are a “realist” after all…

    Can’t wait for more.. keep going girl! Keep those creative juices flowing!


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